Chris Young Says New Album Is “Gonna Freak People Out in the Best Way Possible”

Chris Young Says New Album Is “Gonna Freak People Out in the Best Way Possible”

With lead single, “Raised On Country,” climbing the charts (currently No. 9 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart), Chris Young is gaining momentum as he prepares to release his upcoming eighth studio album. Although no release date has been announced for the new album, Chris has kept his fans appeased—and on the edges of their seats—in recent weeks by dropping new songs, “Drowning,” and “Town Ain’t Big Enough,” featuring Lauren Alaina.

Chris has also extended his Raised On Country World Tour with 19 new dates this fall.

If you’re reading the tea leaves (single success, tour extension, etc.), it’s probable that Chris will be announcing his new album soon. As Chris tells Kix Brooks of American Country Countdown, he thinks the new album is “gonna freak people out in the best possible way.”

“The way that these [songs] have all come together at the same time, whether its songs that I had an idea for or I got in the room with somebody else and they mentioned something that sparked an idea, it’s just been really, really cool,” says Chris. “You know, I wrote ‘Raised On Country’ in February of last year, so I’ve been sitting on all of this stuff since then, and it’s [been] so long for me to be this excited [about it] and now to have, you know, just the first song get out there and people react with the same energy back is so fulfilling really because I’ve just been going, ‘Man, I think this is gonna freak people out in the best way possible,’ and it’s starting to happen. It’s pretty cool to see it.”

Chris released his most recent studio album, Losing Sleep, in October 2017.

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